North Korea concentration camps

16 April, 2017

Please pray for North Korea concentration camps this time is for..

1.for all kinds of torture
May Lord help those suffering pigeon torture , crane torture , solitary cell , joint breaking ,needle torture , forced kneeling (putting lumber to rot their leg.)
(정치범 수용소 고문 (you can paste these Korean words at google image search box, assume each torture)

2.Rape ((I'd like to request two situations.,)
(1) Inside North Korea concentration camps.. : Because there is no means to protect woman ,
evil prison officer want to do whatever ,, whatever happens. (no matter age),(could include perverted violence),(a lot of cases....)
(2) to female North Korean defectors : currently, there is 300 thousand female defectors in China .. first because they sell themselves to human trafficking or related area , and because they have no Chinese ID.. , (China send back North Korean defectors if they caught (((back to North Korea))) ., they exposed,,in 'lawless zone' . to them, all kinds of violence , illogicality, sexual violence, beating,threat, rape is happening..

(1) the treatment to Christians is most wicked inside North Korea concentration camps
There is one concentration camp expertly concentrate Christians , they don't supply any cloths,
other place they work somewhere like,, blast furnace, ((collecting Christians.,)) , bones are melting ,their spiritual pain is unutterable..)
Outside concentration camps , if Christian is detected.. they trample people using bulldozer.., (house , body ,..) Please pray let no christian is detected today, May Lord save those concentrated in concentration camps phisically and spiritually, save their patience. and let nobody deny Jesus to their death..,
(2) for missionaries and pastors (who worked for North Korean suffering people..) hijacked in North Korea .
they inject drugs to missionaries and pastors , hypnotize , and record in video to control and use them

Youtube : (Christians inside the concentration camps)

Recently I became to conceive a small belief.. Lord will open the doors of the North Korean concentration camps , ..((very soon))

Thank you, my brothers and sisters in Christ


A prayer for refugees...

08 April, 2017

Lord God, help us to remember those who tonight will go to sleep unfed and unwelcome, strangers in foreign lands, people who have fled for their lives and are far from their homes.

We lift up to you those who are escaping persecution and conflict, such as the thousands from East Africa and the Middle East; having fled death, torture or ruthless exploitation. So many carry wounds, mental and physical. So many have suffered so much.

Lord Jesus, give us more of your compassion for their plight, soften our hearts to their situation, and help us follow your lead in seeking justice and mercy on their behalf. And Lord, we pray for an end to the wars, poverty and human rights abuses that drive desperate people to become refugees in the first place.

We give thanks for those working in these troubled countries, and ask for more of your blessing so we can bring life, dignity and hope to those that remain.

Eternal God, we thank you that you are Lord of all the earth and all its people are loved by you.

We pray these things in the name of your son who was himself born into the troubled life of a refugee.